Elder Board: 

Amanda Armstrong​​​​​​​

Barbara Powers

Jo Stirling

Children/Youth Directors:






Yvonne Rodriguez


Head Usher:


Robert Roark

The Bible Evangelical Church was established as the Kennett Square Bible Methodist Church in 1952 and is associated with the Evangelical Methodist Conference. The church was founded by the Rev. Douglas B. Stirling, Sr.

Rev. Douglas Stirling, Jr. - Pastor



Pastor Doug was called to the pastorate in 1997 when he took over the church his father founded in 1952.  His professional background prior to the ministry included Human Resources Management and Technical Writing.  Pastor Doug has also worked in radio as a program host and producer since 1998 and has served in public office as a borough councilman, and school board director. Pastor Doug is joined in ministry by his wife of 39 years, Jo.